Cancellation insurance

Book your holiday with peace of mind

No insurance, no refund will be given in case of cancellation of stay or in case of no show and the entire stay is due.

cancellation insurance

This insurance is optional and represents 4% of the cost of the stay  (excluding booking fees, tourist tax) with a minimum fee of 20 €. Insurance is to subscribe to the time of your reservation, we can not add it later. The general conditions of complete cancellation are available on request or read online on camping covered . or check the terms and conditions of insurance .

Want to know more about insurance or know all the benefits offered, please contact  02 48 65 93 95.

We strongly recommend that you take out cancellation insurance for reimbursement of the subsistence costs.

Guaranteed if  (subject to submission of proof required)

  •  serious accident, serious illness, disease recurrence
  •  Death, death of a family member
  •  Property damage
  •  redundancy
  •  conventional Out
  •  Changing deletion leave
  •  Pregnancy complications
  •  Serious damage to the vehicle of the insured
  •  Breakdown
  •  Job transfer
  •  Getting a job
  •  Convening administrative / court / review
  •  Cancellation carers
  •  Visa refusal
  •  Flights identity papers
  •  Contraindication
  •  mental illness
  •  Interruption of stay
  •  Replacement by another person
  •  Natural disaster
  •  Ban Site
  •  Dépacsage
  •  Divorced



  • Covid infection
  • Self-isolation following positive COVID test
  • Possible COVID contact with self-isolation


  • Accommodation costs if required to self-isolate
  • Medical repatriation
  • Remote consultation

You need to report a claim:

1. Contact the campsite to warn us of your situation
2. Report the claim within 5 working days for your claim:

Make a claim 
Or Gritchen Toledo & Associates – Claims Service
27 Rue Charles Durand – CS 70139
18021 Bourges Cedex